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As you well know, the ongoing Syrian crisis is a divisive issue for the Arab American community. We all agree that with more than 100,000 dead and millions displaced, the human toll of this conflict is far too high. Despite the overwhelming humanitarian crisis, and the fact that we all equally care about Syria, the simple truth is we cannot agree about the best course of action. We know this all too well from the responses we’ve received to our own statement on Syria.

The media is aware of the divided views within our community, but to date many of the pieces we’ve seen about Syrian American views on intervention fail to accurately capture the nuances of the issue and the diverse scope of opinions of our community.

Over the past few days, we have been approached by various outlets including ABC News, Al Jazeera, and Bloomberg News asking for Syrian American perspectives. We want to provide you with a forum to reach those outlets.

If you are Syrian American who is interested in talking to the press, please provide us with a short one-line bio, your current city and state, and a brief response (150-200 words) to this question:

“Should the United States respond militarily to the crisis in Syria? Why or why not?”

AAI will post responses on our website and promote them through social media. If you are uncomfortable posting your response publicly, we will post them anonymously. Your perspective is important.  

Submit your responses using our designated, secure form. Additionally, to coordinate press and interviews, please contact Omar Tewfik in our office.

Regardless of one’s position on US strikes on Syria, we all agree that Arab American voices must be part of this dialogue. Thank you for helping us make sure that happens.

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