In June 2018 the Supreme Court decided the Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute case, choosing to uphold Ohio’s controversial “use it or lose it” system for removing registered voters from their voting lists. In short, Ohio removed voters who did not vote in two election cycles and who did not return voter address verification postcards they received to their registered home address. Advocates were concerned of the ripple effect on other states that would take this opportunity to purge their lists, too. Those fears have been realized as many jurisdictions, and especially those with a history of voter discrimination, continue to practice mass voter purging. Earlier this year Ohio completed another purge of its voter rolls---235,000 voters were removed--- and the state recently released the list of removed voters. A review of that list found 40,000 of those voters were wrongfully purged, including leaders in the voting rights movement. This massive mistake is a red flag for voters everywhere, and the country will almost certainly see more mistakes like this as more jurisdictions and states expand their voter purge practices. So consider this a reminder to check your voter registration status regularly using your state’s election website to ensure you’re ready to vote when the time comes.