Officials in Georgia are making all these decisions about elections and voters are Not. Having. It. This week, the Jeff Davis County Board of Elections and Registrars voted to reopen a polling place in a majority-minority voting precinct, after a grassroots campaign exposed the attempt to close this polling place (in a county where there are already consolidated voting precincts) for what it was: an effort to suppress minority voters. All fixed, right? Not quite: Voters are also challenging new voting machines that collect votes in a way that is neither secure nor verifiable. Last month, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger awarded a massive contract to Dominion Voting Systems to replace Georgia’s voting machines. Then, voters submitted a petition signed by over 1,450 registered voters, including elected officials, from 100 counties arguing that the Dominion voting machine system is “illegal and unreliable.” The petition argues that these machines produce paper records with a summary of the voter’s choices that is human-readable (good) but that a scanner tallies the votes based on a code that is only machine-readable (bad) – voters won’t know that this code accurately reflects their selections, and officials won’t be able to conduct meaningful post-election audits. They also argue that the new machines don’t comply with a new state election code that Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law in April (secretly and against advice from security experts and other lawmakers who weren’t into it). This ain’t settled yet, but one thing’s for sure: Georgia voters are continuing to take back control of their elections and they are NOT messing around.