As you know, the 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have endures years of appalling conditions, where 97% of drinking water is unfit for human consumption, and where unemployment among those under 30 is at a staggering 60%. Palestinians in Gaza are held in these conditions for no reason other than being Palestinian in Gaza. And because some of them are pesky and started sending arson kites over the border to draw attention to their imprisonment, Israel decided to engage in collective punishment against all the people of Gaza, closing the only cargo crossing into the area, further devastating an already-crippled economy. Now, we don’t want to play down the harm caused by these arson kites, but if Israel wants to stop them, here’s a more permanent solution they may want to consider: Free Gaza from the crippling blockade (you know, the root cause). But, of course, this requires Israeli leaders to see Palestinians as equal human beings who deserve freedom, and since the Netanyahu government is endless miles away from that prospect, we can expect things to continue getting worse, until the world holds Israel accountable.