Posted by on June 09, 2010 in Blog

Yesterday, Senator Diane Feinstein displayed exemplary leadership by calling for an “impartial inquiry” into the Israeli attack on the humanitarian aid convoy. In the Congressional Quarterly (CQ) report, Senator Feinstein, who operates largely in the mainstream on Middle East issues, articulated a position much closer to President Obama’s than that of most of her colleagues in Congress. She added, “I believe Israel should reassess the blockade in order to assure that necessary humanitarian assistance and material can get into Gaza.” Click here to thank Senator Feinstein for her leadership..

And last night, on the top-rated network nightly news program with nearly 8 million viewers each night, NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams featured a remarkable report from NBC correspondent Tom Aspell from Gaza. From NBC: “Israel’s blockade against Gaza is not only preventing goods from getting in, it’s also preventing Palestinians from getting out—and with half the population comprised of children under 15, many Gazans are being denied a future.” A must watch report, please make sure to circulate to friends too.