Posted on November 19, 2012 in Arab American Institute

Once again the world is focused on a tragic and devastating cycle in the renewed conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza. It is as pointless as it is heartbreaking, and it must be stopped before it escalates further.

Donate to Gaza

Gaza is in dire need of emergency relief. You can help bring food, water, medicine, and other emergency supplies to the people of Gaza by donating to the United Palestinian Appeal.


Contact Your Representatives

Use our Take Action tool to write your members of Congress and tell them to stand against the murder of civlians.


Write An Editorial/Op-Ed For Your Local Paper

Use our media guide to write a letter to your paper, using the following talking points:

  • The death of innocent civilians is fundamenally unjust, regardless of who is doing the killing.
  • The Obama administration should condemn the Israeli assault and the Hamas response; both sides must be brought to account.
  • There is no military solution to this conflict. Israel cannot bomb the Palestinians into submission. To end the firing of rockets into Israel in the short term, Israel should agree to a truce and lift the Gaza blockade. To ensure peace and security for both peoples in the long term, Israel should end the occupation of the Palestinian territories.


Stay Informed

AAI official statement concerning the targeting of civilians
Obama Administration Statements on Gaza/Israel
Congressional Legislation on Gaza


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