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October 18, 2013
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Young leaders from Egypt and the U.S. will stop in New York and New Haven on 5-city U.S. tour

Washington, DC -- The inaugural class of Shafik Gabr Fellows will visit New York/New Haven from Saturday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 23, as part of a 5-city tour of the U.S.  The group of 20 Fellows—10 Egyptians and 10 Americans—are young professionals in the areas of art, science, law, media, and entrepreneurship, competitively chosen by a panel of experts to participate in the newly created program, whose mission is to improve cross-cultural dialogue and understanding between East and West. They began the program in Egypt in June with visits to Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor, meeting with public figures and experiencing first-hand—and for the Americans, for the first time —life in Egypt.

“Egypt is no longer an abstract concept to me and that makes a powerful difference in how I find myself viewing her,” said Fellow Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez.

The Shafik Gabr Foundation established the program to provide “new platforms for people-to-people communication” which, it says, are urgently needed.

“In addition to promoting dialogue, our fellowship is about creating sustained partnerships between Egyptians and Americans across multiple sectors to ensure a mutually beneficial future,” said Shafik Gabr, Founder of the Shafik Gabr Foundation and Chairman and Managing Director of the ARTOC Group for Investment & Development.

The group's New York/New Haven schedule includes.visits to the New York Historical Society, Yale University, Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial Museum, Wall Street/Dow Jones, Google, Little Syria, the Office of the Mayor, and the United Nations.

During their U.S. visit, the Fellows will present six original “action” project ideas that they worked on in teams, ranging from establishing microclinics in Egypt to installing large interactive TV screens in Cairo and New York.

The Fellowship is sponsored by the Shafik Gabr Foundation. The American portion is being carried out in partnership with the Arab American Institute.   For more information, visit  or  To schedule an interview, contact Deborah Akel at (202) 706-8435.

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