Posted by on October 20, 2010 in Blog

I woke up this morning, still on the West Coast, to a flood of emails about the piece in the Washington Post. It was so gratifying to hear from friends, near and far. Last night's Los Angeles World Affairs Council was, as always, a great forum. I've been speaking here since 1984 - when the Council was headed by Edmund Haddad. He had asked to speak about the progress Arab Americans were making in U.S. politics. It was an honor then to speak to the Council - and still is. The questions were good (and challenging). I wrote Arab Voices hoping to shatter some myths and generate some discussion about U.S. policy and our work, as Arab Americans, and the role we can play in helping to shape the debate. After one week and some great Amazon numbers, the events to date, and now the Post - I'm hoping that Arab Voices might help a bit.