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By Sara Jawhari

2012 Summer Intern

As the country continues to search for answers and mourn the victims of the mass shooting that occurred in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, families of victims and those hospitalized now have one more thing to worry about.

Many injured are uninsured and families are struggling to figure out how they will be able to afford the mounting medical bills.

Farrah Soudani has been in the ICU since the shooting undergoing treatment for injuries sustained on that night. Soudani was shot in her left calf and hit by shrapnel. She had emergency surgery within hours, during which her kidney and spleen were removed. Her stomach, left knee and diaphragm were all seriously injured, and she now faces up to three more surgeries.

Soudani is without health insurance and her family worries about the expenses that her hospitalization will bring.

Some Colorado hospitals treating the victims have stated that they will either cap medical expenses for the victims or wipe them completely, but this has yet to be confirmed as the case for all those who were hospitalized.

Farrah's medical bills will only continue to accumulate due to the seriousness of her injuries and the treatments and rehabilitation that she requires.

“Farrah maintains her strong enthusiasm for life and continues to impress those around her including the medical staff,” said Marty Soudani, Farah’s cousin. “She’s been strong throughout this all, talking about her dreams she wants to accomplish after her recovery, including doing some traveling and visiting relatives in Jordan for the first time.”

But, long before Farrah can think of pursuing these dreams, she must focus on getting through months of surgeries, recovery and rehab. “Even if hospital bills are excused, we still need to worry about paying off long-term home care treatment, medication and for psychiatric assistance. As a result of the removed organs, Farah will most likely have to be hospitalized for even small cases of the cold.”

To help cover the cost of these pending medical bills, family and friends of victims have reached out to their communities to ask for help. The Soudani family have set up a trust fund for Farrah and have already received support from strangers across the world.

To make a donation to the Farrah Soudani Support Trust fund, click here. To learn more about Farrah’s story, visit

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