Trump’s “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity” just held its second meeting to investigate the totally real and not-at-all-manufactured “problem” of voter fraud. The ACLU noted that there were more people serving on the commission than there were people convicted of voter fraud, but don’t let that distract you. Weeks before the meeting,  Commission Vice Chairman Kris Kobach claimed that “out of state” voters influenced New Hampshire’s 2016 senate race, but let’s ignore the reality that new residents and out-of-state college students are eligible to vote in New Hampshire, as that might undermine the fraud narrative a bit. A few days before the meeting, a commissioner appointed by Trump, William Gardner, was mentioned by the New York Times as speaking positively about Jim Crow-esque policies: “[Gardner] added that when burdens like poll taxes and literacy tests were imposed on citizens and registering often required a trip to the local courthouse, voter turnout was far higher than it is now.” Wait, who was counting then, and who were they counting? On a potentially related note, did you know that the witness list for this “election integrity” commission meeting was composed entirely of white men? One presentation to the panel suggested requiring all voters undergo the same federal background check system required to purchase firearms. That’s the punchline, folks.

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