Last week, Fox news kicked off the debate season with the first publicly televised GOP debates. Those who didn’t make the cut for the main event participated in a second tier debate. Two candidates in particular stood out amid the slugfest. Carly Fiorina managed to turn her JV debate placement into a victory, coming across as polished and electable. Ohio Governor John Kasich, debating in his home state, stayed out of the sparring and left an impression as a serious, mature candidate with nuanced views and a confident speaking style. Establishment favorite Jeb Bush’s performance was, in a word, “meh”; he came across as nervous and withdrawn instead of comfortable and measured. The presence of Donald Trump seemed to cause many of the debaters to up the bickering, with candidates spouting one-liners. Unfortunately, this meant that there was little discussion of actual policy solutions.  Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) got in a skirmish over the NSA’s surveillance programs and the PATRIOT Act, with Paul staking out his usual position and Christie playing the “tough on terrorism” card. Despite insulting reporters, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, a moderator, three sovereign nations, longtime enemy Rosie O’Donnell, and all American politicians, Donald Trump managed to exude a hint of restraint. He deflected questions about his previous support for single payer healthcare and his donations to the Clinton Foundation to the apparent frustration of the moderators, who Trump later attacked on twitter. And finally, some of the candidates chose to resort to tired bigotry to appeal to voters, so we asked folks to contact the RNC to tell them just how tired of the bigotry we are