How many years does the average special interest group leader serve in prison for undermining our democracy with big money donations to politicians? Zero years, because special interest influence over politicians is 100% legal. But you know who was sentenced to 5 years in prison?  Crystal Mason, a Texas citizen and resident of Tarrant County, who is set to serve time for... trying to vote. Here’s what happened: In 2016, Mason cast a provisional ballot while she was on “federal supervised release,” a preliminary period out of federal prison for those who have completed their time of incarceration. Later, she was arrested for what the state considered illegal voting and sentenced to (we have to repeat this because it’s unbelievable) 5 years in prison. Mason, who maintains she wasn’t told that she wasn’t allowed to vote while on federal supervised release, is appealing the case and seeking a new trial - this time she’ll be represented by the ACLU and the Texas Civil Rights Project. By the way, did we mention she is black? Who knows, that might be relevant when considering that a white judge in the same county who “forged dozens of voter signatures to get on the ballot” last year somehow managed to avoid jail time. A judge who knows the law forging signatures to influence an election? No jail time. A woman voting when she may have not known she was not allowed to vote? 5 years in prison. Makes total sense!