It has been a particularly devastating week in Syria as the last best chance for a diplomatic end to the conflict has gone up in smoke. Now, we're hearing that the U.S. might actually be abandoning negotiations with Russia, unless the Kremlin ends its relentless, brutal, and criminal attacks on Aleppo. And without a diplomatic track in play, the U.S. is left to do some really poignant complaining to anyone and everyone who will listen. There are so many stories to tell of the two remaining hospitals that have been closed down, humanitarian workers who need humanitarian aid themselves, and the untold number of preventable deaths after the ceasefire fell apart. The U.S. seems to be doing little more than complaining. We can and should thank our government for contributing another $364 million in humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees, but it feels a lot like pouring water right down the drain. Not to say that $364 million won't help a lot of people who need helping, but how many more will be added to their ranks if aid is all we can give? The U.S. must do more - because if we don't someone else will and we probably won't like the results.

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