It's been a fun few weeks for still unannounced Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. From the moment he first gave hints that he may run in 2016, no discussion of his candidacy could avoid mention of the catastrophic term of his older brother former President George W. Bush. Of the many failures that make up the flaming tire fire left by the George W. Bush presidency, the 2003 Invasion of Iraq has a place of distinction. Bush, the younger, gave no less than four different responses to questions about the second Iraq War. Responding to Megyn Kelly on Fox News, he took the bold stance of saying he would have gone into Iraq even in retrospect. An interesting position given that many in his party, including his brother, and an overwhelming majority of voters, have agreed that the 2003 Iraq Invasion was not the best course of action given what we all know today. Following the Fox News comments, Jeb backtracked and tried to neutralize the backlash claiming the question was merely hypothetical, well yes of course it was Jeb…The 'un-decider' finally settled on a firm answer last Thursday saying that he "would not have gone into Iraq." This was a basic question. After trillions of dollars, the loss of thousands of American service members, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed and millions displaced, there should be no ambiguity about whether it was the right thing to do if we could turn the clock back to early March 2003.

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