Posted by on July 08, 2011 in Blog

GOP leaders in Florida are considering moving up the state’s primary—which could cost the swing state half its delegates in 2012. The St. Petersburg Times reports today that Republican leaders are considering a March 1 or 3 date for the Florida primary, before the March 6 “Super Tuesday,” and early enough to incur an RNC penalty that would reduce the number of Sunshine State delegates from 110 to 55.

According to bi-partisan rules, only Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina can hold primaries in February, and no other state is authorized to hold a caucus, primary, or nominating election prior to March 6. But some state RNC leaders are pushing to move Florida’s primary up, hoping that the RNC will defer the penalty and allow Florida to retain all its delegates.

In an ironic twist, the RNC Nominating Convention is scheduled to be held in Tampa, Florida next summer. We’ll have to wait until October 1 for a state committee to confirm Florida’s actual primary date—and likely later than that to find out if the RNC will block the host state’s own delegates will be blocked from the convention.  

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