Election news this week takes us to good ol’ Wisconsin, aka America’s Dairyland. On Tuesday, Rebecca Dallet won an election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, defeating opponent Michael Screnock for the open seat. The race was technically nonpartisan, but garnered national attention when the candidates received big-name endorsements. In general, liberals backed Dallet, while conservatives backed Screnock. In Wisconsin, Dallet’s victory is seen as a rare success for a Democratic Party that hasn’t had a solid W in a while. Conservatives still hold the majority of the court, but Dallet’s win cuts the majority down from 5-2 to just 4-3. Similar to the Pennsylvania special election earlier this month, Republicans were expected to easily win this race given the state’s historically conservative leanings. Whether you’re excited, horrified or neutral about the “blue wave” Gov. Scott Walker warns about, it’s undeniable that Dallet scored a liberal win by a sizeable margin. Also, did we mention that Dallet’s addition to the Court makes six out of the seven justices women, meaning WI’s Supreme Court has the highest percentage of women state justices? Because that’s definitely worth mentioning, too.