Flint's water crisis is criminal, but you wouldn't know it based on all those who should be held accountable but are instead running the clean up, being given a pass by Congress, or running away. Governor Snyder, whose administration knew about the problem, is overseeing the state's response to the emergency. Snyder is being trusted to manage the use of $28 million from his state and potentially $1 billion from the federal government to make the situation right. And while getting clean water into Flint faucets is a really simple priority, sending Flint bottles of water and switching back to clean water sources is not the only fix that people need. The work of Arab American Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha proved last year that children have been poisoned and are facing a lifetime of health concerns. We can’t believe we have to say this, but after state institutions knowingly poisoned a generation of Flint children, Michigan’s so-called leaders must take on the challenge of rehabilitating these kids, footing the bill, and compensating the people of Flint for the institutional racism that allowed this to happen.

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