Fighting her way to the main debate stage just two weeks ago, Carly Fiorina’s precipitous rise in the polls continues this election season’s trend towards political outsiders and voters’ preference for the absurd. Even though Fiorina nearly doubled her polling percentages nationwide, the media hoopla around the unsurprising catastrophe of the Trump campaign and the impolitic trajectory of the Carson campaign has drowned out her triumph. Even if the media were to give Fiorina fair air time, she is still polling a unthreatening third behind Trump and Carson. But it’s worth noting that national polls and state polls are all over the board and contradicting each other (compare national polls Quinnipac + Zogby + CNN + Fox to any of these swing state polls), and it’s comical to watch pundits – in the same breath – authoritatively cite the polls and then discredit the significance of early polling numbers altogether. Even though Fiorina's huge bump in the polls and undeniably impressive command of the debate stage, interviews, and some great TV ads, Fiorina hasn’t impressed the political machinery with her ground game. She is struggling to put money in the bank and staff in offices in each of the critical early voting states. The media can be saying much more about Carly Fiorina, but it isn’t all good. Still it's better than the nonsense coming from the two candidates beating her in the polls.