The Trump-Russia-Election-Fake News-Social Media saga continues to spin madly on. It seems there has been a slow trickle of revelations all year, like a hapless invader during a Russian winter. Recently Representative Adam Schiff stated that he wants to disclose a “representative sample” of Russia-linked Facebook and other social media ads at some later time. Unfortunately, his Senate colleagues Richard Burr and Mark Warner disagree that the American people deserve to know the details of such an elaborate prank, and want to let social media companies decide what they disclose to us. If you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to see the deeds, here’s a spoiler alert: the ads weren’t designed to help Hillary Clinton and yes, they did pose as real Americans. The ads, weaponized to sway Americans during the 2016 presidential election by, unsurprisingly, stoking the divisions that candidate Trump himself exploited, posed as Muslim organizations and Arab American comedian Dean Obeidallah for the left, AND organized anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rallies for the right.  This has us wondering what is worse: 1) a foreign power acting to alter the outcome of our elections or 2) a campaign so bigoted that a foreign power knew exactly what to tap into to sow divisions or 3) leading social media providers, like Facebook and Twitter, allowing a foreign power to do this and still not understanding how dangerous it was. Yeah, it’s all really bad.

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