Posted by Arab American Institute on May 18, 2017 in Blog

Today, a new, divisive effort is underway to pit religious communities against each other, as the plight of Christians under ISIS and other extremists is being co-opted by a known hate group – the Clarion Project – to promote its anti-Muslim agenda. Unlike the group’s previous, more overtly bigoted films, "Faithkeepers" (their latest film) is a lot more subtle. On its face, it purports to address the absolutely legitimate fears of Christian communities in the Middle East, who are experiencing an alarming increase in violence and intimidation at the hands of extremists. But subtle and insidious messaging throughout the film clearly aims to demonize Muslims as inherently violent and intolerant, in keeping with the Clarion Project’s long-standing work. To explain what’s wrong with the film to audiences less familiar with the Clarion Project’s hate-filled agenda, AAI President James Zogby wrote this piece for the National Catholic Reporter, and we created this video on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, which we encourage you to share with anyone who has seen or is considering seeing the film.