Back in September we started a countdown within Countdown to Trump’s 6-month deadline for Congressional action on DACA. Don’t hold your breath just yet—there won’t be a deal on DACA until after the new year.  Minority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed hope for “[a] bipartisan proposal with both [the] DREAM [Act] and border security in the bill” next year. In keeping with how Congress swaps favors, the resulting legislation will likely be saddled with other deals, such as US-Mexico border security funding and sanctions against “sanctuary cities,” in order to secure Republican support. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans—still in the majority—seem in no rush to re-instate already-eroding protections for the nation’s nearly 700,000 DREAMers—and all indications from the Senate suggest Democrats have given up on a clean DREAM Act—a bill that would not include extraneous policies. Nonetheless, eleven governors from both parties wrote to Congress this week urging representatives to save DACA. As we approach the March 5 deadline, it will become increasingly critical that Americans express their support of a clean DREAM Act to pass early in 2018. See our Action Alert on the topic.

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