President Obama came back from his Hawaiian vacation to give a big “Aloha” to 7 years of inaction on gun control reform. Using his executive authority to bypass Congress, President Obama has issued laws that will integrate mental health reporting into background checks and  make those screenings a requirement for all firearm sales, and he announced a major investment into smart technology that can shape the future of more secure firearm use. President Obama is no stranger to having to find a way around Congress to get the job done, we saw it when he announced the DACA Act back in 2012 and recently when he moved to deport 121 asylum-seekers over Christmas break. Yeah, you read that right, those two diametrically opposed actions were both Obama’s executive orders. But with a major streak of wins at the Supreme Court last year, and only a year left in his presidency, we just wonder if the “get it done” Obama is here to stay. There’s a couple things we’d like to see done. Just a few.

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