In 200 days, New Jersey could see its voter turnout for the November 6th election grow by half a million voters! This exceptional possibility is thanks to the new Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) Law signed by Governor Phil Murphy on Tuesday, making New Jersey the newest member of this growing club, following Washington State and Maryland. AVR automatically registers eligible voters when they apply for a driver’s license or state ID card, reducing the steps between a voter and the voting booth. Oregon was the first state to use AVR in 2016, registering 215,000 new voters, 45% of whom contributed to a record-setting turnout. The Brennan Center estimates universal AVR could benefit up to 50 million unregistered eligible voters, and reaching all these voters has inspired several reforms---early voting, same-day registration, pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, & online registration---to expand voter access. Restoring voting rights to former felons is gaining traction around the country, too, and New York Governor Cuomo is the latest to take notice. In an Executive Order signed on Wednesday, Cuomo established a streamlined process for the restoration of parolee voting rights. This wave of ballot access reforms is a long overdue response to nearly two decades of voter suppression laws, many of which are being challenged in the courts.