Another dumbfounding epiphany that absolutely NEEDS to strike the President is that you can't strike the "deal of the century" between Israelis and Palestinians while at the same time green lighting Israeli settlement growth. This might have started to dawn on the White House when the Israeli government announced major settlement construction plans in illegally occupied Palestinian land. The announcement challenged the bluster of campaign promises as well as the influence of many of the anti-Palestinian advisors Trump has surrounded himself with. In an unprecedented statement that we can only imagine the White House did not want to have to issue, President Trump tried to have his cake and eat it too by saying that settlements in the West Bank are not an impediment to peace but they are not helpful to peace. It really can't be both ways, and we know how the vast majority of the civilized world views that either/or equation. The Trump tight rope walking is pretty astounding, it is indeed a dramatic reversal of decades of bipartisan U.S. policy that holds settlements as an obstacle to peace negotiations. Nonetheless, the right wing Israeli government seems to be unafraid of testing Trump's loyalty to their radical agenda at the expense of Trump's obsession with being the Negotiator-in-Chief. Ever the thorn in the U.S. President's shoe, the Israeli government went ahead and made it even more difficult on President Trump's balancing act by passing a bill that makes it legal to steal privately owned Palestinian land. With no word from the White House or the State Department, we're left without any information about how the U.S. government is engaging with its closest, most important ally who just violated a litany of international laws. In the silent cavern of White House twitter accounts and statement releases, several members of the U.S. Congress have stepped up to make it plain. Sen. Feinstein - not usually one to be critical - took an unusually harsh, foreboding, and public approach to condemning the new Israeli bill. Check out her statement for everything you need to know - and hope to see - about what U.S. policy has been but can no longer be if Trump tries to have it both ways like he is right now. If you're in D.C., please join us to protest Israeli PM Netanyahu's visit to the White House next Wednesday, the 15th. 

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