President Trump had a very busy and very controversial first two weeks in the White House. We're not sure there is much ink left in his Presidential pen after all the Executive Orders that have been signed - but hey, Trump is well within the norm as far as quantity of orders and memorandums go. What is abnormal is the shocking content of some of the orders and immediate flood of legal challenges to the constitutionality of the ban on Muslims traveling, immigrating, visiting, or seeking refuge in the United States. Make no mistake, it is a Muslim Ban. And it has made Congress mad, the courts mad, and it is even opposed by the majority of the U.S. population. As of today, the ban has been stayed by a decision in the 9th federal court circuit, with more news expected on the stay this week. While President Trump and team are getting quickly acquainted with the constraints imposed by the courts (and the constitution they are sworn to uphold), they are also getting used to the informal checks and balances that are imposed by the cleansing power of a free (not fake) press. Repeated lies, we mean "alternative facts," have all but lost the trust of at least one major network which are not holding back on the new President's hostile relationship with facts that are not flattering. And there's a lot of those unflattering facts out there - thanks in large part to the nonstop leaks from the administration itself. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been the sharp end of the sword on this epiphany, we just hope that the lame-stream (oops, we mean mainstream) media continues to hold their feet to the fire so that the American public can get necessary information in a timely and truthful fashion. It's the small things.

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