Matthew Petersen announced his resignation from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), effective at the end of August. A George Bush-appointee, Petersen has served on the FEC since 2008. He didn’t indicate a reason for his departure. You may be asking, “what is the FEC, and why should I care?” Great question. The FEC is the agency that administers and enforces the federal campaign finance law, giving it jurisdiction over campaign finance for the U.S. House, Senate, Presidency, and the Vice Presidency. It’s supposed to be a 6-member panel, with no more than three members from each party. With Petersen leaving, there are now only three total, so there is no quorum. Republican Commissioner Hunter said that, without a quorum, the Commission can’t “hold meetings, initiate audits, vote on enforcement matters, issue advisory opinions, or engage in rulemakings.” Cool, so now it can’t do, like, all the fun and legit campaign finance stuff. Hmmm. Apparently this won’t mean we’re entering a ‘legal free zone’ and we shouldn’t expect a “Wild West.” But this definitely isn’t ideal as the 2020 presidential campaigns really rev up. Come on, Executive and Legislative branches of our government, do us a solid and nominate and confirm some new commissioners!

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