There are just 12 days until the election and both candidates are facing the dreaded "October surprise" on an almost daily basis. Hillary Clinton continues to reckon with embarrassing and questionable emails that were released by a Russian hacker, but thanks to a particularly effective surrogate and the shiny object that is Donald Trump - Clinton might be unstoppable in her march to the White House. It still seems as though Trump is dogged by bad headlines on a daily basis, and the Republican candidate appears to be sticking to a "one-size-fits-all" answer to just about everything that is going wrong. And that answer is to simply insist that everything is phony. Accusers? Liars. Polls? Wrong. Democracy? Rigged. We didn't think that his strategy was a good one, but this morning's newest polls suggest that Trump is inching his way back into the race in a few traditional swing states. While the shock of Utah, Texas, and Arizona being in play for the Democrats gave pundits a lot of fodder, more traditional swing states like Ohio, PennsylvaniaNevada and Florida just this morning went from "lean Democrat" to "toss-up” in some polls. We don't want you to be lulled into staying home on Election Day—your vote and voice matter in this heated election year—no matter who you are supporting for president or for your local state legislature. Join AAI's #YallaVote campaign in turning out the vote, helping voter protection efforts, and highlighting the concerns and mobilization of the Arab American community on social media. If you didn't click on those links, you really should. AAI is delivering the Election Day goods in the form of a brand new 2016 Arab American voter poll, a brand new Yalla Vote Protection Hotline (where we are ready to help you in Arabic & English!), and we're hosting virtual phone banking of Arab American voters in swing states from now until the Election. Yalla, be in touch for ways to get involved!

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