It’s one thing to see bigotry in the U.S. media pop up during campaign season, it’s another for Egypt’s media to join the echo chamber of absurd American punditry. Last week Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper carried a story accusing Hillary Clinton of courting the American Muslim vote because of the influence of her “Muslim Brotherhood-linked assistant Huma Abedin.” The tiresome accusation against Abedin is infuriating when ignorant Americans try to whip conspiracies, but it's a shameful sacrifice of journalism in Egypt. What’s more, the op-ed was not only blatantly Islamophobic, it nonchalantly juxtaposed Clinton’s relationship with Abedin with a casual reference to the “Jewish American vote,” as if the writer didn’t buy into a deeply conspiratorial understanding of it. Come on Al-Ahram, don’t play this game.