Posted on August 26, 2010 in Arab Voices

If you want to get a sense of what leading authors and commentators are already saying about Jim's book, here are a few highlights:

"Jim Zogby has written an essential and enlightening book on Arab opinion. Arab Voices is a must read for anyone who wants to hear true voices from the Arab world." —Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan


"Arab Voices is a breakthrough book. Finally, after decades of relentlessly ignorant or bigoted stereotyping of the so-called ‘Arab Mind'-often a form of anti-Semitism against Arabs-by partisans having other agendas, James Zogby responds. He presents the results of intensive polling, within historical, political and cultural contexts, in an engrossing search for accuracy, fairness and truth. Let's see if the slanted press and the wrathful cable-talk radio hosts can tolerate giving this book and its calm author a chance to correct the record." —Ralph Nader


"Arab Voices distills Jim Zogby's lifetime of immersion in a central issue of our times-how can America and the Arab world can find the right path forward? Well-written, provocative, and peppered with vivid anecdotes and surprising data, this is essential reading for anyone seeking to penetrate the myths surrounding the Middle East." —Richard North Patterson


"The need for United States engagement in the Middle East has never been greater, and I believe it is essential that Americans better understand the people and cultures in the region. This book improves our understanding of these diverse communities and provides valuable insight into the lives of Arab Americans." —President Jimmy Carter


"Jim Zogby has written a timely and valuable book on the pressing need for effective public diplomacy toward the broader Middle East. The best definition of public diplomacy is to first listen, understand, and then inform, engage and influence. Zogby explains how this can be done." —Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian, former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs and founding director, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University


"We don't understand Arabs; they don't understand us. Jim Zogby, at last, helps bridge that gap. Every American policy maker should read this book - and listen to him."—Bill Press, nationally-syndicated talk show host


"Europeans should read this book. Arab attitudes to Europe track their attitudes to America much more than Europeans might like to think. Both are seen through the same prism of Palestinian dispossession. That dispossession is an Arab wound rather than a Muslim one. The security of Europe, even more than that of America, requires us to find a resolution to the differences so lucidly described in this book." —John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland and EU Ambassador to the United States


"Thanks to his experience in the region, Jim Zogby is uniquely positioned to present rarely heard voices from the Arab world. Here, he does just that, shining a bright light on a deeply misunderstood part of the world." —Arianna Huffington


"What will win the hearts and minds of the Middle East? Will it be the appeal of American education, culture and democracy or anger at its intrusion? That debate is alive in Arab Voices, this important new book by James Zogby. Columnists speak of the "Arab street" as if Mideast opinion were carved in stone. James Zogby shows us its vibrance. His book shows how the Arab view of America plunged after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, how it spiked with the election of Barack Obama. Arab Voices reveals that we are being watched and judged year by year not by what we say about democracy but how we practice it. For four decades, we have fought wars in the Mideast, spent billions, lost many American lives. Arab Voices shows that these people are paying rapt attention to us and shifting their opinion accordingly. For those who care about US policy, it's the best information you can have." —Chris Matthews