So far, 15 House and 4 Senate Republicans have announced they will retire instead of seek re-election in 2020. Similarly, in total 39 House Republicans retired before the 2018 midterms. That means during the Trump presidency so far, 58 Republicans have chosen to leave Congress. Why? The National Review points to a few potential reasons: normal effects of political cycles, suburban districts becoming more competitive, and Trump driving many away from the Republican Party. That 6 Republicans from Texas alone are retiring likely points to the changing demographics of the electorate in that state. But competition alone can't explain the Republican Exodus (Rexodus?): most retirees are leaving safe, reliably conservative districts likely to be won by a new Republican. The driver most likely pushing retirements beyond the normal forces is Trump himself: unless you and your constituents agree with him, and his style of politics, completely, it's hard to be a Republican in Washington. Before they leave, we hope they can lead by co-sponsoring bills like the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act (as Representative Olson has) or the NO BAN Act on their way out.