In an effort to push through less controversial nominees, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed for a cloture vote on the nomination of Eric Dreiband to Secretary Attorney General heading the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice this past weekend. Dreiband is not the first guy in this administration whose record doesn’t match their confirmation for a job requiring the upholding of civil rights for all Americans, but he is the latest (for now at least). From litigating work discrimination cases on behalf of the corporate defendants to personally testifying against the Fair Pay Act (which would allow women to access the courts to fight for equal pay), Dreiband seems particularly ill-suited for a civil rights post. And then there is the lack of relevant experience for the job. As our Executive Director Maya Berry noted, “Some of the most pressing civil rights concerns today, including educational equality, continued profiling, hate crimes, voting rights, and police reform are areas in which Mr. Dreiband is largely inexperienced.” But hey, it’s 2018, who cares about the enforcement of our civil rights laws anyway?