Posted by Meredith Pahowka on January 29, 2016 in Blog

DSCN0571.JPG.jpegJust a few days before the “first in the nation” Iowa Caucuses, AAI President Dr. James Zogby headed to Iowa City in order to speak to Iowans about the significance of political discourse regarding the Arab world and Islam. On Wednesday, January 27, Dr. Zogby addressed an audience at the University of Iowa on the 2016 Presidential Candidate’s failures to address issues that are critical to Arab Americans.

In the evening, Dr. Zogby delivered the keynote address at a dinner hosted by the Council for International Visitors Iowa Cities (CIVIC). CIVIC works to promote the exchange of ideas and fostering mutual understanding between visitors and eastern Iowans. At this crucial time in the election season, Dr. Zogby addressed a diverse group of Iowans about how we should be discussing the Arab World and Islam in 2016.

 As Arab Americans continue to battle bigotry and hateful rhetoric from some candidates in this election, it is essential that we hold candidates accountable on where they stand on issues that are important to the community. The outcome of this election will undoubtedly shape domestic and foreign policy concerns that are critical to Arab Americans, so we must continue organizing across all states.

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