Tides might be turning in Donald Trump's favor at the exact right time. With 5 days to go, Trump is deploying a tactic made popular by Hillary Clinton earlier in the campaign season: and that's the "sit back and watch 'em self-destruct" strategy. Following FBI Director Comey's infamous letter to Congress about a disgraced former Congressman's emails (and Hillary Clinton's server), Trump finally got to stop crying wolf and start crying "I told you so." But Trump is also being helped by his new ability to stay on message, which he has managed to do thanks in part to his own very public reminders to himself. The Comey drama and the policy focus is paying off as the polls tighten in the states where Donald needs them to, including FloridaColorado, and New Hampshire. And it's no small thing that Trump has managed to mount a "Hail Mary" surge while allegations about his campaign's connections to Russia are gaining more veracity. But the FBI has chosen to only speak about one of the candidates' issue with the law this week, so the media is giving Trump a pass. While his path to 270 is still looking unlikely, Trump is certainly keeping it interesting in the final stretch.

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