It's safe to say that no one should still be waiting for Donald Trump to "pivot to the General Election," by which we mean that there is no more hope that Trump will stop saying inflammatory things, regularly. Instead all the campaign onlookers are trying to predict what inflammatory Trump-ism will happen next. In the past week alone, Donald spit in the face of the Republican Party leadership multiple times, made outlandish comments about victims of sexual harassment (with his own daughter as the hypothetical), didn't blink when 50 GOP experts called him dangerous or dissenters stepped forward, failed to impress many experts with his economic plan, called for 2nd Amendment supporters to "do something" to stop Hillary Clinton from winning, and then said President Obama is the "founder of ISIS." That's just a week on the trail with Trump. Trump's increasingly erratic behavior inspired a Republican former CIA officer to jump into the race thinking he can win Republican votes from Donald, and we're hearing talk about the "catatonic" GOP Chairman threatening to pull RNC funding from the Trump campaign. It's a hardly consoling threat, seeing as the party's most influential leaders like Paul Ryan are still standing by their endorsement of Trump. But we can't stop ourselves from hoping that more will step up to demand their party's nominee to get serious, and Presidential.

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