You know the average college student’s daily routine: roll out of bed five minutes before class, show up to lecture in pajamas, attend five club meetings, eat ice cream for dinner, then sue the Governor. Well, at least that’s the daily routine as of late for many Florida college students. On Tuesday, students at the University of Florida and Florida State University joined the League of Women Voters of Florida to sue Gov. Rick Scott’s administration and strike down a ban on early voting at public buildings on state university campuses. The prohibition took effect years ago when the state denied a request to use UF’s Reitz Union building as an early voting center. There was pushback then; there is pushback now. Ol’ Ricky has a pretty shady record with voting rights, trying in the past to delay restoration of voting rights for former felons, ban remote drop-off sites for mail ballots, and refuse extending voter registration deadlines during Hurricane Matthew (not cool, dude). Scott’s spokesman said this lawsuit is particularly “frivolous,” but something tells us that students in Florida are not ones to back down so easily.

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