Over the weekend a Russian plane flying out of Sharm el-Sheikh crashed in the Sinai peninsula killing all 224 passengers aboard. Like us, we’re sure you’ve been reading the swirling theories about the crash. UK officials said it was likely there was “an explosive device on board the aircraft.” U.S. officials revealed that a military satellite picked up a ‘heat flash’ over Sinai, and Russian officials said the plane broke up in midair. Following the crash, ISIL’s Sinai affiliate dubiously claimed responsibility for the crash. The facts are still being uncovered but regrettably much of the media has been lending undue credence to the terrorist organization’s claims. In a second message ISIL’s Egyptian affiliate said “take the crashed plane and search it,” but again provided no specifics. It is very likely that ISIL could have had nothing to do with this crash. Though while the investigations continue the group is taking advantage of the confusion and the coverage of their supposed involvement is elevating their profile. The press, which has largely been skeptical about ISIL’s involvement in this crash, should take care not to buy into ISIL’s opportunistic claims.