The increasing criminalization of the Arab American community must be stopped. As it advances on several fronts, AAI has four specific policy focuses that we are building, educating, and organizing around. As part of of our "Advocacy Road Map: A Local Action Toolkit for How You Can Make A Difference" we have a decided emphasis on impacting the following five areas: 

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We will also continue the necessary work elsewhere on the domestic policy landscape. On an ongoing basis, the Arab American Institute works with members of Congress, their staff, White Office officials, and key policymakers in the administration to advance the policy concerns of the Arab American community. With the civil rights of the Arab American community being undermined in the post 9/11 era of heightened national security – the Arab American Institute is a leading advocate protecting the rights and liberties of our community, and in so doing, upholding our Constitutional values. Click to learn more:

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