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The answer is no. But you wouldn't know it if you were watching Dan Senor on Hardball with Chris Mathews last night. Appearing to discuss the grave injustice he feels would be committed by allowing the American Muslim community to build a community center near ground zero, Dan Senor was introduced as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. True and fair enough. However, as the interview proceeded, the only affiliation appearing under Mr. Senor's name was "Council on Foreign Relations," leaving the impression that one of our nation's most prestigious institutions since its founding in 1921 had joined the chorus of fear-mongering zealots in opposing the center. Not good.

There are numerous affiliations one could find in Mr. Senor's bio to identify him, including his work with the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq under the Bush Administration. Given that whole Iraq thing didn't go so well, we understand why that may not have been his best choice. Logically speaking, we understand why he would have chosen the CFR title given the credibility it lends him. However, his appearance on the show was not about any of his CFR listed areas of expertise: "Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian relations, and Middle East and Persian Gulf geopolitics, security and economics. "

It really just does not look good. While we are not certain what the protocol is for identifying CFR fellows during media appearances, it is clear it should be re-visited. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to list Mr. Senor in his capacity as an analyst for Fox News. Given the illogical, agenda-driven nonsense he was espousing, that would have been more fitting.

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