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A few days ago, we wrote a blog about the absurdity of Congress’s refusal to repeal a law that forces us to withdraw from UNESCO, for the sake of a counterproductive gesture of support for Israel’s rightwing hardliners. The first comment on that blog came from an “Arab Palestinian” who disagreed with us:

Continued Palestinian resistance to peace with Israel only further sets back the interests of our people's future. Time to admit that just as we Arab Palestinians have a right to self determination so do the Jewish Palestinians, in a state of their own, the Jewish State of Israel. UN recognition brings us no closer to changing the realiy [sic] on the ground.”

Now, you may be thinking “this is typical fishy, ill-informed, inarticulate nonsense,” but here’s the interesting part: this “we Arab Palestinians” comment was posted by one “Lillian Pinkus." That name and the email address this commenter used to log into our comments section belong to none other than AIPAC National Council Member Lillian Pinkus. Since surely no AIPAC National Council Member would ever be so foolish as to falsely impersonate an “Arab Palestinian” in an effort to afford undue credibility to her condescending lecturing of Arabs, Pinkus must really be an Arab Palestinian!

Oddly enough, I am of Arab Palestinian origin as well. True, I am also an American, but just for the sake of bonding, I want to talk to Ms. Pinkus as an Arab Palestinian for a second. From one Arab Palestinian to another, Ms. Pinkus, I want you to know that it is our right to self-determination that is being denied by Israel, not the other way around. While Jewish Israelis live free prosperous lives, Palestinians live under the boot of a military occupation, under siege, or are displaced in camps with their right to return to their homes denied because they don’t fit Israel’s ethnic/religious requirement.  U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state on the mere 22% of historic Palestine which Israel illegally occupies does not endanger Israelis’ right to self-determination, it only promotes in a limited way Palestinians’ unrealized right to self-determination.

Of course, a third possibility does exist: it is conceivable that some random person falsely impersonated Ms. Pinkus. But the idea of a random imposter logging in with her name and email address to defend Israel on AAI’s website is not particularly likely. So I’m just going to assume, until she tells me otherwise, that I just had a heart-to-heart talk with a fellow Palestinian. But if Lillian Pinkus is not, in fact, an Arab Palestinian, we should really reflect for a moment on the absurdity – and offensiveness – of having an AIPAC National Council Member blog-trolling as a fake Palestinian.

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