Just as the Obama Administration is easing in to the lame duck phase of his final term, subtle shifts are starting to take shape in Obama’s long held “we can’t make it happen” approach to managing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. On the international scene, the US is reportedly accepting a “tougher tone” in a forthcoming Quartet report on Israeli settlement activity. To be sure, this is the opposite of ground-breaking. It’s actually quite depressing that after 7 years, the Obama administration has only now found the gumption to stop censoring international criticism of Israel’s continuing land theft, despite several golden opportunities to condemn it. President Obama’s State Department will soon get served another opportunity by Congress to put its principles into practice when Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D, MN-4) hits “send” on a letter requesting the appointment of a Special Envoy for Palestinian Youth. The impact of the occupations ugly realities on children has been extensively covered and researched by several groups on the ground who see how truly catastrophic it is. Join them – and us – in supporting the call for President Obama to do something about it.