Following a colossal defeat in the 2016 election, the DNC is hyper focused and regrouping for the 2018 midterm elections, which was the focus of this big DNC meeting last week. Oh, you saw the headlines already? Yup, though there is a whole “Unity and Reform Commission” (URC) to bring the party together after a contentious primary, the DNC meeting in Las Vegas became all about the removal of long-time DNC activists by Chair Tom Perez. Perez removed several people off the party’s Executive Committee, all of them former backers of Keith Ellison for chairmanship, including the only Arab American, Jim Zogby (it’s a safe bet you know him in his other capacity as our Jim, or AAI President Jim). To be clear, Jim retains his seat at the DNC, including on the Resolutions Committee, as well as the URC. But his removal from the executive committee has not gone over well with many, including us and those advocating for real reforms. As Jim said: “I'll keep fighting because as an Arab American, I know the pain of exclusion. I had to fight to get into this party and secure a place for my community.”