You’ve heard about the CIA release of hundreds of thousands of new files related to Bin Laden, but you may have missed one disturbing analysis of the motivation behind it. According to Ned Price, a former National Security Council spokesperson who resigned from the CIA over the Trump presidency, the release of these documents is not about transparency, but about tying Al-Qaeda to Iran in some way, to justify a more confrontational policy towards Iran. Price describes CIA director Mike Pompeo as “the administration’s leading and most influential Iran hawk”, and likens this effort to the Bush Administration’s effort to tie Al-Qaeda to Iraq to justify that invasion some 14 years ago. Another odd development supporting this narrative is the fact that the “CIA provided FDD’s Long War Journal with an advance copy of many of the files” (FDD is a hawkish policy institute advocating against the current Iran deal). If this is indeed part of an attempt to build on Trump’s efforts to undermine the Iran deal, we could be in for more bad news. Coming to think of it, we probably should just change ‘Countdown’ to ‘bad news’ to better accommodate the times we live in.

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