It would stand to reason that to have successful negotiations on resolving the Syria conflict you would need to have all parties to the conflict at the table. Once again another meeting was called in Vienna and once again dignitaries from around the world sat together to discuss the fate of Syria. This time there were some notable parties absent. Neither the Syrian regime nor any elements of the Syrian opposition were in the Austrian capital to participate in the meeting. Not to be completely left out of the fate of Syria, the UN special envoy Staffan De Mistura arrived in Syria to hold separate meetings with Syrian regime officials and the opposition to relay the proceedings of the talks in Vienna. No agreement was reached in Vienna on the future of Bashar al Assad, though several leaders present noted some progress while others may be leaving the process altogether. Regarding the lack of agreement on the fate of Assad, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “we cannot allow the differences to get in the way of diplomacy to end the killing.” We can certainly agree with that.