The amount of pure mania in this election cycle seemingly has no end; it’s been a politically definitive year and a half that has seen the Paris attacks, the San Bernardino attacks, Charleston, Chattanooga, Oregon, and more. But ISIL’s attacks over the past month - which have spanned from Indonesia, to Yemen, to Istanbul, and the day-to-day reality in Iraq and Syria – became the leading news after the Brussels attacks on Monday. This latest devastation and fear is already leaving a huge mark on the 2016 elections here in the U.S. The remaining presidential candidates have blitzed the media with substance and seriousness. Hillary Clinton delivered her most presidential speech yet at Stanford; Gov. John Kasich sought to be the responsible and sober Republican; Bernie Sanders stuck to his solid message of unity and determination; and Trump was Trump, unfortunately. And then there was Ted Cruz who did this….(read on)