Late last month, Trump’s Twitter feed (the gift that keeps on giving) tipped off the country to immigration raids planned for later that week, which prompted us to post resources and analysis for those who might be impacted. This time, it seems the New York Times was the first to sound the alarm. Hopefully these raids don’t become a regular political tactic in the lead-up to the next election as a means to keep xenophobes clutching their pearls. But we cannot allow these raids to pull attention away from the systematic abuse of people, including children that is occurring in border detention facilities. In February, reports uncovered thousands of complaints of sexual abuse, and more have materialized earlier this week. Such realities have prompted the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to be “deeply shocked” by detention facility conditions. As we wrote in our discussion of raids last month, if we have ever asked ourselves, what would we do if our government committed systematic, widespread human rights violations of choice targeted at already victimized communities, we now know the answer. This cannot be who we’ve become as a country. But this will continue to define us until we do something about it.