Denying entry to Americans of Palestinian descent is nothing new for Israeli authorities, but lately it appears that Israel is rounding up American travelers at an increasing rate. In separate instances late last month, novelist Susan Abulhawa and language professor George Khoury were each detained at Ben Gurion Airport for extended periods, treated harshly (to say the least) by border security, and then forced to return to the states. They simply wanted to visit the homeland of their relatives and ancestors. But these offensive incidents do not happen to Jewish Americans… or do they? In what must have been a bizarre rush of paranoia, Israeli authorities detained two Black Jewish Americans last month for nearly 48 hours in a holding cell before sending them home as well. And this is not the first such case of American Jews being denied. Last year, Julia Carmel was blocked from entering Israel, presumably because she is an anti-occupation activist. Apparently, one must not only be Jewish, but fit a certain mold of what a Jewish American “looks like” or “thinks like” in order to enter Israel without difficulty. Over the summer vacation season we invite anyone else that has experienced any border harassment to share their story with us.