On Tuesday, June 5th, voters in California, Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota are casting their votes in several important primaries. One contentious race in particular has caught our eye: that of California’s 50th Congressional District. Battling it out are frontrunners Ammar Campa-Najjar, an "Arabtino" American former Obama Administration official, and school board member Josh Butner. This race drew national attention for a couple reasons: the possibility of a Democrat unseating Republican Duncan Hunter and the unusual attacks against Campa-Najjar. Recently, Campa-Najjar found himself the target of flyers claiming he is willing to work with Trump, leading to a fake tweet made to look like it was from Trump stating his support for the young candidate, on the grounds of the Muslim Ban of all things. It’s not unusual for candidates to campaign using Twitter, but publishing a fake tweet associated with Trump is a new level of determined (or desperate, you decide). Perhaps the most distasteful of all the attacks was an attempt to smear Campa-Najjar based on the alleged actions of his grandfather, who was killed 16 years before Campa-Najjar was even born. Apparently, when you’re an Arab American candidate, having a clear and consistent record as an exemplary public servant still causes some to speculate about your views on violence. Yes, we said something ridiculous and it is equally ridiculous to suggest that Campa-Najjar must also run on the intergenerational record of his deceased relative. Campa-Najjar has rebuffed the smear campaign and focused instead on the core issues he believes matter most to his district. Good.