Immigration arrests are up 40% under Trump, which gave a boost to the backlog of pending immigration cases before immigration judges. That’s some 600,000 cases! The caseload is so massive that some judges are scheduling cases into the year 2022. So how to deal with this massive backlog? Trump’s justice department has an idea: Impose quotas to immigration judges to make sure they’re deciding these cases a little faster. So instead of increased funding for more personnel to decrease caseloads, they're further taxing an immigration system that already has issues sometimes treating human beings as human beings. What does the National Association of Immigration Judges have to say about this proposal? “That is a huge, huge, huge encroachment on judicial independence. It’s trying to turn immigration judges into assembly-line workers.” Keep in mind that some of these can be life and death cases for the people involved. Can you imagine a “justice system” more concerned with meeting quotas than, you know, justice?

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