The out of control anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric from some presidential candidates that has become an everyday headline is having real consequences for young Arabs and Muslims growing up in America. Our young people are bearing the brunt of this nonsense, and we’re glad to see the Department of Education step up to deliver a very high-level, perfectly clear  message to schools and universities across the country to step up to end harassment. The joint letter was sent by both the outgoing and incoming Secretaries of Education, and it is right on: schools must not become (or remain) places where students fear for their physical safety or decide to hide their identity because their worldview already accepts discrimination as inevitable. Last month when we met with White House leaders to find actions President Obama’s Administration can take to protect Arab Americans and American Muslims in the vitriolic climate, protecting our young people was one of our most important points. We’re glad to see the administration take swift action.

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