There are major primary elections almost every week in the month of May – which is only slightly higher than the doctor-recommended number of election servings per month for a healthy democracy. Twelve states will have primary elections over the course of the three Tuesdays of this month. While multiple candidates competed in crowded and sometimes cut-throat primaries across the country, some elections also involved ballot initiatives. Last Tuesday, Ohio voters approved a ballot measure that changes the congressional map-making process. Proponents such as Common Cause Ohio say the measure will curb partisan gerrymandering as it includes safeguards to make it difficult for one party to draw district lines and give itself unfair advantages in elections. While this Ohioan measure received bipartisan support, many national and state-level party groups are not as thrilled about anti-gerrymandering efforts. With eight more primary elections to go, we’re excited to see which candidates and ballot measures make it through in the Month of May.